Industrial Liaison Officer

MS Alice Munga

Industrial Liaison Officer

The Department is headed by the Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO): Ms Alice Munga assisted by the Departmental Attachment Officers (DAOs) in each department.

Prior to the 8:4:4 system of education, industrial attachment was not a problem as all trainees entering the Technical Training system were required to have employer's sponsorship. The introduction of the 8:4:4 systems, however, opened up opportunities for non - sponsored trainees to enter technical training institutions

There was no guarantee for self-sponsored trainees to secure opportunities for industrial attachment. The main purpose of the attachment is to expose the trainees to the application of the skills they have learned in their trade in theory in real practice where others are earning their living from and also to the world of work and the ethics associated This makes it a vital component and a requirement of the course and so each trainee should get attached to a company or firm that utilizes the skills learned

At the end of the attachment the Attachee should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate problem solving skills
  2. Demonstrate practical competence and problem solving skills in specific situations
  3. Exhibit appropriate attitudes and social skills
  4. Practice appropriate work ethics and culture


  1. Confirm that all the trainees proceeding for attachment are insured
  2. Solicit for attachment places for trainees proceeding for the required attachment
  3. Ascertain that the trainees proceeding for attachment have the necessary materials
  4. Schedule the assessment of the trainees on attachment in liaison with the Departmental Attachment Officers from each department

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